stay strong m'loves

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nevergiveup-never-surrender whispered: Name 5 things you like about yourself. Send this to 10 people who you think deserve to love themselves because they are utterly fab. 

Aww, I love you!

1. My hair

2. My eyes

3. My willingness to help

4. My singing voice

5.  My taste in music

Anonymous whispered: I told my teacher about my friend who has eating problems and she's gonna find out I told her (she'd get help) I'm trying to convince myself it's for the better but she will hate me, but then again she sent me a message last night saying that she couldn't do it anymore and she was sad at school today... am I doing the right thing? xxx 

You are definitely doing the right thing. Recovery is a very hard road and she may be mad about it for a bit, but if she thinks of you as a true friend she won’t stay mad about it forever. She’s going to be sad and it’s going to be a struggle, and the best thing you can do is be there for her. Also, I’m so so sorry this is late. 

stay strong m'loves
you're beautiful, don't you ever forget that. xoxo